You are an SME or corporate and want to offer your employees and colleagues a platform that motivates them?


Organization of Education and Training

  • Group of employees should receive targeted training
  • Assurance and achievement of employee’s educational level(s)

Support and Allocation of different Learning Formats & Media

  • Create easy access to digital forms
  • Awareness for new learning formats

Professional Coordination and Management of digital Trainings & Live Webinars

  • Easy administration by responsible persons and trainers
  • Promote “buddy networks” and user-generated content

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Value Proposition for HR Representatives

Savings Potential & Resource Efficiency

  • User-generated content enables trainers and colleagues (professionals/buddies) who are already established within the company to provide content and events self-managed
  • Automatic updates of employee skill matrix/gap and individual learning catalogs facilitate organizational back office activities from the very first second
  • With a knowledge database, content is prepared once and can be consumed in an infinite number of training/adjustment runs

Self-motivation & Performance of Employees

  • Trainers and employees can teach and learn in a modern application without being limited by the complexity of the platform
  • Individuality through playlists and autonomous booking promotes the intrinsically motivated learning behavior of employees

Digital Learning & Development

  • Support of professionally developed e-learning and interactive content reflects the value of employee development in the company
  • Professionally coordinated live webinars, meetups and conferences

Webinars & Video Training

Live Event Broadcasting

E-Learning & Online Modules

Scenario-based Learning & Microlearning

Hybrid Events

Interactive Surveys

Digitale Booking & Online Payment

Ticketing & Bills

„All-in-one“ Management

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