You are a training provider, corporate, SME, association/union or entrepreneur and want to offer your customers and partners a platform that allows easy booking and payment, as well as organizing digital live video events?


Administration and Processing

  • Booking & invitation management, as well as admission management
  • Accounting, payment and billing
  • Secure webinar management and video live streaming
  • Attendee management (entry management/check-in)

Coordination of Participants

  • Online Payment / ePayment
  • Invitations and reminders (emails, SMS, push)
  • Easy check-in

Professional Appearance

  • Transparent publication of contents, services and prices
  • 100% digitized registration process
  • Individualization of invoices & tickets

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Value Proposition for Event Managers

Administration and Processing

  • Efficient booking & invitation management and admission management
  • Accounting, payment and settlement including up-selling possibilities
  • Secure webinar and video live streaming solution limited up to 3000 participants

Coordination of Participants

  • Communication (emails, SMS, push) via automated reminders
  • Up to 200 interactive participants via video streaming
  • Professional booking and payment system
  • Vouchers, discounts/categories and promotions

Professional Appearance

  • Individualization of invoices, tickets with partners and sponsors
  • Easy registration, ticketing and check-in (both online and on-site)
  • 100% digital invitation, registration and booking system

Webinars & Video Training

Live Event Broadcasting

E-Learning & Online Modules

Scenario-based Learning & Microlearning

Hybrid Events

Interactive Surveys

Digitale Booking & Online Payment

Ticketing & Bills

„All-in-one“ Management


Register with just a few clicks and test it free of charge for 30 days. After the 30-day trial period, some functions will be blocked. You are free to upgrade or switch to a whitelabel setup anytime. In any case you can continue your profile with limited functionality at no cost!

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Over 100,000 educational offers have been handled by our solutions to date - from traditional face-to-face seminars to complex e-learning sequences. Since 2014, courseticket GmbH has established itself as a leading technology provider in the field of Digital Learning & Development. Our unique, web-based "Whitelabel" solutions combine state-of-the-art live video streaming & e-learning services with e-commerce & online payment options.

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