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As an “all-in-one” solution, we strive to cover the most helpful functions in one solution. Suitable for online offers and face-to-face events & packaged in a modern Single Page Application (SPA).

Get started with your own webinar platform, an e-learning marketplace or a modern online academy

Register in a few clicks and try it out for 30 days free of charge . After the 30-day trial period, some functions will be automatically blocked.

“W” for whitelabel: If you decide to go with a whitelabel setup, we will launch a dedicated platform for you. It runs under your domain and will be customized according to your wishes.

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Digital Enabler for the L&D Industry

As curious people we want to support like-minded audience in the best possible way – that is why we love what we do.

Collaborative Education Management Platform

Your success motivates us. We are constantly working on improvements and also fulfill many extra wishes based on your requirements.

All-in-one Booking and Sales Solution

We are more than just a booking platform – we offer the all-in-one carefree package for your business.

Over 100,000 educational offers have been handled by our solutions to date - from traditional face-to-face seminars to complex e-learning sequences. Since 2014, courseticket GmbH has established itself as a leading technology provider in the field of Digital Learning & Development. Our unique, web-based "Whitelabel" solutions combine state-of-the-art live video streaming & e-learning services with e-commerce & online payment options.

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