“Future requirements for a professional solution to digitize events, webinars and training”

Evaluate with us 8 trends ...

COVID-19 has led to the fact that many industries (must) change. This is accompanied by a change in the requirements for sustainable solutions for the digitalization of traditional “face-to-face” events, trainings & meetups.

Your expert opinion is needed!

We want to get to the bottom of the most important requirements in a broad, anonymous trend survey and share the results with all survey participants afterwards.


How important is the requirement to cover both traditional face-to-face and online & hybrid events?


How important is online booking & payment (e.g. self-determined learning, e-commerce)?


How important are subscription models & playlists for marketing ala Netflix?



How important is secure, personalized access to online events, conferences and webinars?



How important are automated reminder e-mails including personalized webinar links and easy direct communication?



How important are interactive survey & evaluation options including automated participant surveys?


How important is an easy-to-use webinar and participant management, as well as export options for real-time data?


How important is the user experience (e.g. Single Page Application, Progressive Web App) on a modern online platform, known from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Co. 

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The participation is anonymous (we need your email address to send you the final results!). After clicking the button you will get immediate access to the survey link.

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As experts for digital L&D platforms, we want to identify future trends together with industry experts

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Since 2014 courseticket GmbH has established itself as a leading technology provider in the field of digital learning & development platforms.

We deliver one of the most modern SPA-LX platforms: A harmonious interaction of live video streaming & e-learning features, combined with secure e-commerce marketing opportunities. More than 100,000 events & educational offers have been handled by our solutions to date.

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* depending on the streaming service

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Some use cases

Online Academy

As the leading institution for multimedia press information, APA/OTS relies on courseticket technology. Since 2020 APA/OTS Campus bundles the administration and booking of trainings & webinars via a solution from courseticket.

Trainings Marketplace

As the leading publishing group in Germany, WEKA Media Group relies on courseticket technology. Since 2019 WEKA bundles educational offers of all educational subcontractors via a solution from courseticket.

Employee Onboarding

As a leading company for recruiting, epunkt relies on courseticket technology. Since 2020, epunkt has been bundling internal employee development and the sale of public courses via a courseticket solution.

Accreditation Platform

As a leading Saudi Arabian educational institution, Ertyad relies on courseticket technology. Since 2020, the company bundles the complete basic training of all Saudi Arabian lawyers as well as accreditation via a solution from courseticket.

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Infrastruktur & Online Payments powered by AWS und SIX Worldline

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Complete your successful transformation from a digital booking platform for face-to-face courses and events (focus: online booking & payment) to a state-of-the-art Learning Experience Platform (focus: live learning & e-learning), which enables one or hundreds of different vendors from different industries to manage, sell and conduct online and offline offerings simultaneously.

How does it work?

Digital booking, online payment, automated billing, feedback, surveys & evaluation mechanisms and a modern framework for webinars and e-learning build the basis for your platform’s success.

Over 100,000 educational offers have been handled by our solutions to date - from traditional face-to-face seminars to complex e-learning sequences. Since 2014, courseticket GmbH has established itself as a leading technology provider in the field of Digital Learning & Development. Our unique, web-based "Whitelabel" solutions combine state-of-the-art live video streaming & e-learning services with e-commerce & online payment options.

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